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Conflict in workplaces is inevitable which is why conflict resolution and conflict resolution skills are essential. When a group is formed conflict has been identified as a natural stage of the group or team’s development. As conflict in any workplace is so common, the average manager spends a quarter of their time managing conflict or attempting conflict resolution. Many managers are not trained in conflict resolution so conflict can become challenging and very often is not resolved. When conflict is not resolved it can worsen and create ongoing tension among work teams leading to communication breakdowns and significant drops in productivity. At Corporate Training Oz we understand how conflict can become toxic and by learning some conflict resolution skills and strategies this can be avoided and conflict can be eliminated leading to team relationships and productivity levels significantly improving again. At Corporate Training Oz we have developed a conflict resolution process and conflict resolution training that will equip your teams and managers with the skills and tools they need to quickly and effectively resolve conflict before it becomes a major issue or dispute. 

How do your managers and team members handle conflict?

Conflict Resolution Training

When managed well, conflict offers an opportunity to grow both as individuals and as part of a team. Here at CTO we have a proven track record of providing conflict solutions which have helped hundreds of business teams resolve conflict and become equipped with the skills to prevent and manage future conflicts.

If your team is in conflict our expert conflict solutions team will work with you and your colleagues to identify the causes and help you develop genuine solutions to resolve the conflict now and in the future.

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training

Do your managers and team members know how to manage conflict? When handled well conflict is an opportunity to grow as an individual and as a team. We have developed a process which we teach on a CONFLICT SMARTS CONFLICT RESOLUTION workshop - where your people will learn tools and strategies that when applied will prevent conflicts from escalating into major disputes. This Conflict Resolution workshop is designed for people wanting to save time by knowing how to quickly resolve differences and how to effectively manage difficult situations and people. Leaders will also learn techniques to help your teams resolve and manage conflicts.

Conflict Resolution Consulting

Some workplaces have had conflicts that started out small and having remained unresolved have grown into more significant issues or productivity challenges. You may need more than just conflict resolution training. Why not arrange a confidential conflict resolution consultation with one of our conflict resolution experts? A Corporate Training Oz Conflict Resolution Expert will undertake a thorough assessment of the conflict in your team or business and tailor design a conflict resolution solution which will result in conflict eradication and empowerment of your managers and team members to reolve future conflicts with ease.
If your team are experiencing conflict our expert conflict resolution team will work with you and your team to identify the causes of the conflict and help you develop genuine solutions to resolve the conflict now and in the future.