Together We Design Your Program

We custom design your corporate training programs to meet the needs of your organisation, company or business. We undertake a thorough consultation and needs assessment first, and then align your corporate training programs with the strategic direction and vision of your business or organisation. Contact us today and become an employer and provider of choice.

Conflict Solutions

When a group of people work together, conflict is inevitable, because everyone thinks differently. Research tells us the average manager spends at least 25 percent of their time dealing with interpersonal issues and conflict between their staff. Do your managers and team members know how to manage conflict? When handled well conflict is an opportunity to grow as an individual and as a team. We have developed a process which we teach on a CONFLICT SMARTS workshop - where your people will learn tools and strategies that when applied will prevent conflicts from escalating into major disputes. This workshop is designed for people wanting to save time by knowing how to quickly resolve differences and how to effectively manage difficult situations and people. Leaders will also learn techniques to help your teams resolve and manage conflicts.

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Corporate Team Development

Organisations that develop their people create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Your teams were formed to achieve results. Business literature tells us successful teams are developed teams. Our passion is to create training and team development experiences that ensure their success and improve your results.

Each person is so different in how they operate, communicate, think and resolve differences. Some people are visual in learning and communication in that they prefer written instructions and communications. Others are auditory in that they prefer oral information and having conversations. Team building helps people understand differences and once these differences are understood people are able to work together more effectively.

Team building is essential in any environment, its focus being to bring out the best in a team to ensure self development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively to problem solve and achieve goals.

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Corporate Workshops

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Leadership Training

Your Leaders, Managers and Supervisors are the heart of your business. Gain a competitive advantage and improve your results by investing in your leaders. Our passion is delivering training that achieves results for you, your leaders, your people and ultimately your clients and customers. Leadership training increases motivation, improves confidence and accelerates team productivity.

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Business Events & Conference Activities

If you are planning a Business event, contact Corporate Training Oz as we are renowned for engaging team and leadership retreats, workshops and activities that will provide a business event your people will talk about for years to come.

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Corporate Culture Improvement

Your corporate culture is the dynamics of your organisation and has three components: The Beliefs, Values and Behaviours of your organisation and your people.

When you have a strong functional culture your business operates like a well oiled machine. When your culture is dysfunctional time is wasted and productivity is generally low. A Culture Enhancement program will dismantle a dysfunctional culture and help you build a strong, positive culture where all of your people aspire to your organisation’s values and beliefs and their behaviour and language is aligned.

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Customised On-Site Workshops

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