Corporate Training Oz MISSION

"To inspire and empower people to reach their potential, live their dreams and experience personal happiness"


  • Every person is unique and valuable and creates their own destiny.
  • Principles of operation are essential for personal and workplace effectiveness.
  • Self-awareness and daily practices are the key to personal growth and change.
  • Each and every problem or challenge is an opportunity.
  • When every team member knows the business vision and understands their role in the vision, we all achieve our goals and the business vision.
  • Leadership is a choice and great leaders inspire and empower people with their vision.
  • Quality of Care for ourselves, for our work, for our equipment, for our clients.


  • Each and every client receives exceptional client care and service. We under promise and over deliver consistently and relentlessly. When our clients are successful we are successful!
  • We have daily commitment to personal growth and personal development. We are passionate about the material and tools we teach and continually strive to model these in all areas of our life.
  • All team members contribute to the profitability and growth of our organisation. Our every thought and action contributes to profitability and growth. We embrace profitability and growth as the lifeblood of our business; this allows us all to achieve our personal goals and fulfill the business vision and mission.
  • We are committed and passionate about our principles and always endeavour to apply these at all times. 


  • Open and honest communication.
  • We always operate with honesty at our core.
  • We always operate with integrity at our core.
  • Consistently incorporate fun and laughter into our day.
  • Focus on solutions and the gift in every opportunity or challenge.
  • Always seek to understand and respond to others in a loving way; do you like to be treated?
  • Share love at every opportunity.
  • Always believe in yourself and work towards this.
  • Always have faith and be courageous.