Leadership Essentials


Leadership Essentials for Team Leaders and Managers – two day course

Often people who excel in their field are promoted to a leadership position. While they have excellent skills in their area of expertise, many leaders struggle with leadership essentials such as managing people, leading teams and handling conflict.
Our course provides team leaders and managers with core training, resulting in a more confident business leader.
After learning the important qualities of an effective leader, you will have an opportunity to assess your own leadership style. On completion of this program you will:
Leadership Training Program Understand the power of influence, measure your current influence and develop strategies to expand your influence for the benefit of your people and company
 Identify strategies you can use to empower and lead your team to implement the mission, vision, and goals of your organisation
 Expand your communication skills
 Feel more confident to engage people and their motivation
 Know how to develop teams, gain co-operation and inspire loyalty.
 Learn how to be a leader with vision and one who inspires people to follow
 Be inspired to become a leader people respect
 Develop unshakeable confidence to approach your leadership challenges
 Know how to coach your team members in a way that they feel empowered