Emotional Smarts Workshop - One Day

Emotional SMARTS or Emotional Intelligence involve being aware of your feelings and behaviours and how they affect those around you. Research shows us that this is now just as important to employers as IQ and technical expertise.

In this workshop, important competencies such as self-awareness, self-management and self-belief will be developed using inspiring experiential activities. The workshop will arm you with strategies to develop your emotional intelligence and, if practiced, will help you to maintain a positive emotional state at all times - regardless of what is happening in your environment.

 Learn tools and strategies to understand your emotions and how to use them for your benefit
 Learn how to read and understand the emotions of others
 Learn strategies to improve your relationships with others

People with emotional intelligence are more successful in business, leadership and in life generally. This dynamic, interactive workshop will teach you what emotional intelligence is and how to use it to transform your business success, leadership and relationship skills.

After an Emotional Smarts Workshops you will be able to:
 Identify, understand and manage your emotions with ease
 Improve your relationships with others
 Manage challenging behaviours or people more effectively

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