Conflict SMARTS - Conflict Resolution Training

Skills in conflict management are essential for team leaders, managers and executives. We can teach you and your colleagues strategies to help prevent conflicts from escalating into major disputes.

Our workshop is designed for people wanting to save precious time by knowing how to quickly and effectively resolve personal differences in the workplace and how to manage difficult situations or people. Leaders will also learn techniques to help your teams resolve and manage conflicts themselves.Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Smarts - One Day Workshop

A number of contemporary models will be presented allowing you to identify the role you traditionally take during a conflict. Once you understand this you will know how to step out of the 'drama' of conflict and how to help others when this occurs. You will also learn behaviours that are useful and that may hinder a peaceful resolution.

During the workshop you will practice new skills and tools which when you apply them to future conflicts you will be amazed at the positive results!

Participants arrive at the workshop 'hating' or 'fearing' conflict and leave the workshop with a fresh optimistic perspective realising the opportunities in conflict and excited as they plan their new skill implementation.

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21 August  2013
Sunshine Coast
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16 October 2013
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