Leadership Essentials

Often people who excel in their field are promoted to a leadership position. While they have excellent skills in their area of expertise, many leaders struggle with leadership essentials such as managing people, leading teams and handling conflict. Our course provides team leaders and managers with core training, resulting in a more confident business leader.

After learning the important qualities of an effective leader, you will have an opportunity to assess your own leadership style.

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Team Essentials

In the current globally competitive market the true success of any organisation relies on the performance of its teams. And, just because people are part of a team doesn’t mean they know how to effectively work together to achieve success for your business or organisation.

A team is a group of people who share a common goal. Teamwork is the ability to work together towards this goal. It requires collaboration, sharing and understanding in order to succeed.

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Emotional Smarts

Emotional intelligence is essential for success in life and work. In this interactive and dynamic workshop you will learn what emotional intelligence is and how to utilise it to transform your business success, leadership and relationship skills. The important competencies such as self awareness, self management and self belief will be covered using experiential activities in an inspiring and humorous manner.

You will walk away from the workshop with strategies to develop your emotional intelligence and if practiced will assist to maintain a positive emotional state no matter what is happening in your environment. The workshop will provide an introduction to Emotional intelligence offering incentive for further research and/or training.

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Conflict Smarts

Skills in conflict management are essential for team leaders, managers and executives. We can teach you and your colleagues strategies to help prevent conflicts from escalating into major disputes. Our workshop is designed for people wanting to save precious time by knowing how to quickly and effectively resolve personal differences in the workplace and how to manage difficult situations or people. Leaders will also learn techniques to help your teams resolve and manage conflicts themselves.

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Global Leadership Training for Executives

Join the evolved leaders of the 21st century. This is an advanced workshop for experienced leaders who realise the significant role culture and cultural intelligence play in your organisations's profitability and overall performance.

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Leadership for Women

Women face unique challenges in leadership. Progress your career by developing key skills in leading teams, assertive and effective communication, self awareness, self management, delegation, leadership coaching, and empowerment of yourself as leader and your team members. In this program you will explore your own leadership style, learn the important qualities of highly effective leaders and practice powerful negotiation and conflict management skills.

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